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A few of the companies I worked with

Dear Founders and Investors,

After eight years in the startup industry and two years working with SMEs, I've arrived at a profound realization.
Many ventures lack a fundamental grasp of marketing, especially in the realm of online marketing, where only a select few can truly deliver tangible results. My focus is on results, not empty buzzwords.

I empathize with investors who've watched their hard-earned money vanish into startups led by founders without a clear path. Even well-funded endeavors, backed by Top VCs and prestigious industry leaders, can crumble under the weight of misguided strategies.
Bloated product roadmaps, flashy rebranding, or Hollywood-quality video trailers won't salvage a venture without solid product-market fit.

The startup game is ruthless, and most founders aren't equipped to navigate its challenges.

What's more disheartening is the presence of marketing agencies run by amateurs. They throw €50,000 into Meta campaigns, oblivious to the fact that these efforts yield meager results. Rather than adapting and optimizing, they persist in burning your budget, hoping algorithms will magically redeem subpar ad concepts.

Many of these agencies generate branding and creative ideas as if they're Don Draper from "Mad Men" in the 1960s. The reality is, we've moved far beyond that era.

Even with a modest budget, I can assess whether your ad concept shines or falls flat. How? Through social media marketing, where immediate feedback reigns – it's called "direct-response" marketing for a reason.

Any agency that squanders €10,000 on trailers without engaging customers, understanding their needs, and tailoring creatives should be avoided at all costs. Enough of my rant – you get the picture.

Choose wisely; partner with someone who delivers results.

I make no promises about securing media glory through PR, nor will I run billboard brand awareness campaigns when you haven't sold a single unit.

That's not my approach.

What I excel at is crafting a single ad that sells.

From there, we'll construct your marketing strategy.

Because if you can't create an ad that sells, you don't have marketing.

If you suspect your agency is burning your budget, let's connect.


Maximilian Lehmann

Written from the 97th floor of the highest residential building in Dubai 😀

Do you need proof?

Utilized Growth Sprint methodology to boost SIRPLUS's MRR (monthly recurring revenue) from €130k to €200k in 3 months, while halving their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), effectively countering Covid-induced retail closures.

Engineered high-converting ad campaigns on Meta for startups Agontronic, MindDoc, and Upfit, achieving profitable user acquisition and contributing to successful exits.

Provided Growth Hacking support to NFT platform Fanzone, generating €100,000 in revenue within the first 30 days.

Steered Organic Food producer Bauckhof to their first ROAS-positive campaigns, reaching 1 million consumers while turning a €7,640.94 ad spend into €16,508.59 in revenue. Not only expanded the audience but also achieved webshop sales conversions, a feat the in-house team couldn't accomplish with their sponsored posts alone.

Client testimonials

"If the Company would be an Engine (metaphorically), Lehmann Consulting would be the Spark Plug, igniting the creative process and getting the machine rolling and the Serpentine Belt, providing a continuous and structural approach to keep all processes connected and the machine running."

- Marketing Manager at Horizon65

My 4 step process

1. Data Analysis

Nothing works before we haven't assessed the performance of your current marketing. With our Bottleneck-Analyzer we will find the real problem you should be working on. If you haven't done any marketing we will work on setting up your tracking and getting data as soon as possible.

2. Customer Development

Many companies miss this step. The founder thinks that they have figured out exactly what the customers want. But if you have trouble to sell your product you don't know your customers intimately enough. We will change that with customer surveys, customer interviews and with an Empathy Map workshop.

3. Message-Testing

After we understand why your customers buy we will leverage these learnings to develop creatives and ad copy to create ads that will sell.

4. Conversion Optimization

When we have created something that converts on Social Media we will optimize your webshop or landingpage until you reach profitability.

Check out our whole process and find out how we methodically optimize your marketing

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Find out how we develop One Ad that sold 419 products and created the first €10,800.20 for Organic food brand Bauckhof

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