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The App Marketing Accelerator

Learn everything you need to know about how to launch, grow and scale your mobile app business - or simply become a highly paid certified App Marketing Growth Hacker.
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What is the App Marketing Accelerator?

Who is it made for?

Business School for Mobile App Marketers

This course is perfect for you, if ...

You’ve been a specialist in just one area of marketing and you’d like to broaden your horizon - or you have already been working on a real project as a product manager or founder and want to kick-start your mobile app business. This program will help you to reach your goals.

Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Growth Hacker
The landscape of mobile app marketing is changing and evolving all the time - that’s why it’s important to adapt, stay flexible, and continuously learn new skills and new techniques in order to succeed. This program will give you all the tools, techniques, strategies and frameworks you need to launch, grow and scale a mobile app.
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Our system in a nutshell

Use a framework that drives results to your app in 2021

Performance Marketing
Scale up! Establish a constant stream of high intent users from all sorts of platforms, like Facebook, Google, Apple, Tiktok, Instagram etc. With holistic strategies we will optimize the cost per acquisition and drive your ROI.
Growth Consulting & Scaling
Improve to allocate your budget and time! Use a proven framework, to call out the gaps and prioritize opportunities to systematically improve your acquisition, engagement and retention, and monetization approaches.
Special launch support
Launch, re-launch or conquer new markets! We provide you with the best go-to market strategies. We will set smart targets, KPIs, while picking the right tech-stack & marketing channels. Making sure to identify the biggest opportunities to get the most out of your launch.

Learn at your own pace

12-weeks training program

The App Marketing Accelerator is a 12-weeks training program for mobile App Marketers & Entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow a profitable App business. Learn everything you need to know to get to your first 100.000 downloads & customers. This course will give you all the tools, techniques, strategies and frameworks you need to master the essentials of growth. To stay up to date we always update the course to include the latest growth marketing techniques and technology.

Personal Coaching

Get support at any stage of your transformation

You will get support at any stage of the process to address all your product and marketing specific challenges. Weekly live calls will take away your doubts, fears and provide answers, how to apply it to specific business cases within your own role and brings you into execution.

Turn data into business value

Establish an infrastructure of data & analytics

Understand the fundamentals of app analysis and data analytics. Give more constructive feedback, and communicate your results in a clearer and more impactful way, allowing you to make more informed business decisions, leading to more revenue and bigger growth - as well as anticipating operational performance issues before they become bigger problems.

Be independent from Agencies

Upgrade your digital tool box

Master cutting-edge strategies, tools, and techniques used by the world’s best marketing teams. We equip product and marketing teams with the skills and knowledge they need to grow apps. Develop app marketing hard skills like App Store Optimization (ASO), Performance Marketing, Subscription Optimization and Advanced Launch Strategies. Acquire expertise to confidently manage growth sprints and full-funnel marketing activities.

Become a mobile App Growth hacker

Master a strategic approach to growth and rapid experimentation

Get to know the mindset of growth and an appetite for ongoing optimization. This course will develop the habit to design rapid experiments, fail fast and the creativity to continuously identify new opportunities for growth. Generate innovative and cost-effective business growth through iterative experimentation. Build your growth engine and make faster, more informed decisions by analysing the complete end to end buyers journey.

What the media say about us

Our clients are known from

What the media don't say about us

What our clients achieved

+1 Mio

Revenue in 12 Weeks

User base

Downloads per Day

40% increase in in-app revenue through marketing and product optimization
Reaching the first +200.000 users in less than a year by getting from 100 downloads a day to 1000 downloads a day and hitting the top ranks of the App Store charts.
Getting to +1 Mio users through ASO internationalization and performance marketing.


The course takes place over 12 consecutive weeks Video course + 1on1 Growth Sparring calls

We teach you and your team the fundamentals of Growth Hacking. You will learn why classical App Marketing isn't enough anymore and how better processes and strategies will cause growth for your startup.

Tracking, Analytics, Techstack all of these components cause a lot of startups to waste lots of time and money. We give you the best practices to use data as an effective way to increase your downloads and get more happy users. In this module, we also show you the elements of a successful Growth sprint.

Most apps fail because they don't have the means to measure Product-Market fit. We give you the tools and the information to make sure you are developing a product people want and an app that your users come back to (Retention).
Positioning - Every app startup knows it, only a few really execute on it properly. We give you templates and information that we have successfully utilized multiple times which gets most of our clients featured in the app stores.

We give you templates, information and all necessary details to build keywords and screenshots to boost your organic downloads and significantly lower your user acquisition cost for the next step.

When you have all the foundations covered we are ready to introduce concepts like the User Acquisition matrix which shows you the broad array of channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat,...) you can choose from to grow your app.
Once we acquire users with a reasonable CPI (cost-per install) that engage with our app and stay in the app, we develop a strategy to further scale your app getting from your first 10.000 users, to 50.000 users, 100.000 users and beyond.
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1 - 3
Establish a growth mind set
Build the fundament for data analysis
Testing product market fit
4 - 6
Building Message-Market fit
App Store Optimization
Setup your first channel to get app downloads
7 - 12
Start the growth hacking process
Use Proven Strategies
Scaling to the first 100.000 user

Hear what our clients say about us

Recent Partners & Clients

Annika Kessel
Founder & CEO Cosmiq Universe AG
Through the app marketing accelerator we scaled our app campaigns successfully and contributed greatly in product relaunch and promotion. We managed to substantially lower cost of sale and downloads.
Florian Petri
We learned crucial inputs in the area of mobile growth and growth hacking which has actively contributed to the procedural restructuring of our company. Through the structured methods, we were able to improve our processes significantly.
Sofia Oberhoff
Marketing Manager PANTAFLIX
Up to 40% of our users are coming from the app stores resulting in a steady flow of high-quality users allowing us to get more organic users with every dollar we spend on performance marketing.

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