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We help teams working towards the SDGs to succeed with their app.

Work with a partner to deliver great numbers to your investors, close your next funding round and maximize your chance for impact.

Trusted by:

We help teams who want to make the world a better place succeed with their app.

Work with an experienced partner to deliver great numbers to your investors, close your next funding round and maximize your chance for impact.

Some of the teams we worked with:

Introducing The App Marketing Accelerator

The definite program to bring your app from a successful launch to a raving success.

With the App Marketing Accelerator we get your team in alignment to execute on a winning strategy to drive more downloads and subscribers to your app. Ensuring you to close your next funding round and maximize your impact.
  • Get a step-by-step app marketing plan
  • ​Have more clarity how to market your app
  • ​Instill a mobile mindset within your company
  • ​Get support from other app marketers in our community

It is our sole mission to maximize your impact

Some of the teams we worked with:

App Marketing for Startups and Scale-ups is at the core of our expertise

  • ​Driving highly engaged users to your app
  • ​Making your app visible in the app stores
  • ​Running profitable and scalable campaigns across channels
  • Optimizing your ​Conversion Rates across the app stores


"Downloads that occur directly after a search
on the App Store" according to Apple

First we help you tap into the most powerful
traffic source for apps.

Next up we make sure your app is visible on the App Stores with App Store Optimization

Creating a broad keyword research for your app we are finding the keywords that will drive the most traffic to your app. Implementing all our best practices we collected over the last 5 years we will increase your traffic from the Search function over a time-frame of 3 months.

Always making sure that we are using the right kind of data

It is not enough to let ourselves get guided by our gut feeling to find the best keywords. We have a proven process to find the best keywords using our set of ASO tools and partners to get the best results.

Then we help you reach engaged users at the exact moment they’re searching for your app.

In addition to a strong presence in the App Store that will bring you users organically. We create Search Ads that will place you over your competitors and get you additional traffic.

We make sure you reach your results

All you care about is getting more downloads and we understand that. Yet, we make sure that the downloads we get you are turning into engaged users to achieve your business objectives.
You will work with an agile team of professionals.
With lehmann.consulting you have access to a pool of talents and growth experts. Ranging from App Store Growth Hackers, Instagram Growth Hackers, Social Media Advertising Experts, PPC, Video, Copywriting and Marketing professionals.
Take a look at some of our results.
How we 4x the organic installs of our client
How ASO brought 200.000 additional free users
Award to our Founder, Maximilian Lehmann
Some of our clients:
"Maximilian scaled our app campaigns successfully and contributed greatly in product relaunch and promotion. He managed to substantially lower cost of sale and downloads."

- Annika Kessel, CEO Cosmiq Universe
"Up to 40% of our users are coming from the app stores resulting in a steady flow of high-quality users allowing us to get more organic users with every dollar we spend on performance marketing."

-Sofia Oberhoff, Marketing Manager PANTAFLIX
"Max is an absolute expert when it comes to the app space. His ASO skills provide real results since he is able to use his past experiences and find solutions for problems in an instant to guarantee the best possible outcome for your app."

- Mark Sarifidis, CMO Scribe
"Maximilian has given us crucial inputs in the area of mobile growth and growth hacking and has actively contributed to the procedural restructuring of our company. Through his positive, challenging manner and his structured methods, we were able to improve our processes significantly."

- Florian Petri, CEO KERNWERK

Let's impact people and inspire them to do the right thing, together.
Let us get in touch today to see if your product is ready for growth.

"Truly innovative products leave their mark on the world instead of the planet."
- Apple

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