How Organic Food Brands sell products online

How organic brands can easily and without technical know-how increase their revenue by more than 40% through online marketing and become independent from declining demand in wholesale.

  • How SMEs and food startups become more independent from wholesalers and retail.
  • Why articles in magazines, Instagram posts, and giveaways are not enough to become a market leader.
  • How Demeter brand Bauckhof achieved its first €10,000 in revenue through paid advertising.
  • How organic brands create an offer that drives consumers to purchase online.
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Dear CEOs, Marketing and Sales Directors in the food industry,

Post-Corona the food sector is facing significant challenges. You know this.
But did you also know that a massive online market is waiting to be tapped by you? LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) is a growing trend ($472B sustainability-conscious customer segment in the US alone).

More and more people are placing value on conscious nutrition and are willing to shop for it online.

We have already helped companies like SIRPLUS, Hanf&Natur, and Bauckhof successfully establish themselves in online commerce.

Our expertise lies in developing targeted online marketing strategies that speak directly to this consumer group. Don't let young startups eat the whole cake alone.

Your experience and products deserve to be successful online as well. Whether you want to train your team or leave online sales to us, we have the experience and know-how to make it happen.

Are you ready to take new paths and increase your revenue?

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Best regards,

Maximilian Lehmann

Do you need proof?

How well-known organic food brand Bauckhof generated their first 10.000€ in revenue with paid advertising on instagram

Before Bauckhof was solely using "promoted posts" on Instagram to gain additional reach for their organic posts.
The didn't know about the effectiveness of their campaigns and they only measured the Cost per click unaware if their efforts would create sales!

Before - 0 Purchases

After - 467 Purchases

After working together Bauckhof set up a correct tracking structure to create measurable results. After a deepdive into which products sell best and what works best on Instagram we have created a new ad setup which worked well on day one.

Who is behind
Lehmann Consulting?

From the app marketing to the world of e-commerce for Organic food brands. I've worked with top firms like Bird Rides and Greator. Now, I'm leveraging my growth hacking skills in the organic food sector with clients like Bauckhof. With a track record of 39 startup projects and 4 exits, I bring a unique, data-driven approach to marketing in the bio industry.

- Founder, Maximilian Lehmann

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